Happy Easter! | Weekly Round Up

Hey guys!

Happy Easter!

I hope you are all having a very lovely time this Easter and are having a nice relax :) Today I thought I'd have a bit of a weekly round up for you and let you know what I have been up to this week :)

Monday - Was very chill and I spent it at home doing work bits and relaxing. I had a good play on the sims (important) and I distinctly remember thoroughly enjoying my marmite on toast ;)

Tuesday - Was much of the same, I knew I had a busy end of the week so I spent these first two days doing as much of the boring stuff as possible. I didn't get as much done as I would have hoped but I had a lovely day :)

Wednesday - On this day Erin Hanson's first poetry book arrived a week earlier than expected and I was super excited. I have posted one of my favourite poems from it below. Her style of writing is definitely my favourite and who I draw inspiration from. I would 100% recommend you guys check it out :) I also had my driving lesson on Wednesday which also went well :)

Thursday - Thursday was the calm before the storm. When I say storm, it was a lovely storm, but as a person who isn't used to being super busy, I took Thursday to (you guessed it) play the sims ;) and chill at home. My Mom had a day off, so we spent it together and I bumbled around the house.

Friday - Friday I went with my friend Leanne to 'Brockswood Animal Sanctuary'. I've been twice before and I absolutely love it there. I had cheesy chips and tea in the café next to this massive blossom tree showed above. Then we fed the animals! My favourite being a giant multi-coloured bird that was named Tony. He was fab. Then in the evening, we went for a meal to celebrate Leanne's 21st Birthday which was the next day.

Saturday - On Saturday evening we went to Joe's house for his 21st Birthday Party (which is actually today) - it was a 'loud shirt party'. I bought myself a cheap tie-dye shirt which I actually love and will probably wear again (is that still a thing?). Overall, it was a lovely evening spent with lovely people :)

Sunday (Today) - And today is Easter Sunday and some family are coming round to share a big meal and have a relax.

I hope you all have had a lovely week. I like to be a bit reflective so I really enjoyed this :)

No copyright intended - 'The Poetic Underground' Erin Hanson

This is the poem I have really been enjoying called 'View'. I hope you enjoy it too :)

Thanks for reading guys,

Amy xxx


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