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Hello my friends,
   It's been a long ol' time and what a time it has been. I have quite a few updates for you and I'm excited to unleash them all from whirling around in my brain. So, sit back and get comfy because this is gonna be a bit word heavy. Let's go.
   Right, where to begin? Firstly, the practical things! My driving lessons are going well and my theory test is booked and ready to be taken. I'm hoping to pass the practical around Christmas or early 2018 so that I can get serious about saving for my own car. Driving lessons aren't my favourite and in truth, being behind the wheel terrifies me. But learning to drive isn't an 'if' for me. I need to be able to get myself around without having to rely on my parents or the unreliable bus service. So I'm getting there slowly but surely.    I have managed to secure myself a new job working at a Debenhams store in my hometown. I begin fully next week and I'm so excited. Yesterday we had a …

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